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NYSC Academy Directors Ball Mastery School

-Led by Academy Director Christian Gonzalez

The NYSC AD Balk Mastery Clinic is designed for players who are serious about improving their game. The coaches will focus on tight control to manipulate the ball in tight spaces, running with the ball, forward moves and side moves to escape pressure. The clinic will teach players how use a variety of surfaces of the foot. This type of work leads to more confident and competent players over a period of time. The coaches will teach a ball mastery routine that they can execute at home to encourage players to continue their development at home.</p>

Dates : January 27th- February 17th, Fridays 5:00-6:00 PM

Ages: Birth Years 2013-2011


•Ball Mastery - Ball control with a variety of surfaces of the foot.

•Forward moves - Running with the ball, feints, avoiding opponents

•Side moves - Turns to relieve pressure

Cost: $195.00