Code of Conduct


  • Representing the New York Soccer Club will always, and without fail, respect all coaches, referees,teammates and opponents.
  • Will not complain to or harass referees.
  • Must never be disrespectful towards their coach.
  • Must complete any at-home training that the coach assigns to the players.


  • Will further their coaching education by taking additional licenses or attending courses or clinics.
  • Will arrive at every session in good time to ensure that practice begins promptly when players arrive.
  • Will understand that they are dealing with children or teenagers, not college players or professionals, and will coach accordingly.
  • Will understand that their primary goal is to improve ALL of their players and that winning games is a byproduct of this player development strategy.
  • Will provide the Director of Coaching with session plans for all sessions they coach.
  • Will not question referee decisions nor will they engage in debate with opposition coaches.
  • Will ensure that the dialogue with players is positive and will be encouraged to observe what is happening in games rather than coach every action occurring on the field.


  • Should not offer any coaching instruction during games or training sessions.
  • Must never question refereeing decisions.
  • Should never make disparaging remarks about any player on the field.
  • Should always avoid disputes with opposing fans.
  • Should applaud good play from either team.
  • Are free to watch training sessions. However, we encourage them to consider whether it might be best for their child to be dropped off and picked up.

Any complaints either by phone or e-mail should come to either the Coach, Technical Director or President of the New York Soccer Club.